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Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to running your business, you face a number of challenges every day.  It’s vitally important that you keep your customers and employees happy and safe and there are lot of ways you can do that.  But you might not realize how important the right flooring can be. 


Big Lake Contracting, LLC can help with a slip-resistant flooring surface that optimizes traffic flow with clearly-defined aisles ways, work spaces, and more.


Some benefits of our flooring material:

  • Seamless

  • Durable

  • Waterproof

  • Non-porous

  • Chemical resistant

  • Acid resistant

  • Sanitary

  • Low maintenance, easy cleanup material

A poured flooring system like ours also simplifies even the most difficult cleaning issues.  Our seamless system eliminates grout lines where dirt and bacteria usually build up.  And the materials are sealed, as well as chemical and stain resistant. 


Big Lake Contracting, LLC material is also perfect for your home flooring, including basements, garages, hunting shacks, cabins and more.

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